Yes, this is a burger bun in crazy viral pic. Internet is stunned

Image tweeted by otter_weekend.

A picture of a burger bun is doing the rounds of social media as the internet is absolutely stunned with its appearance. Yes, we are talking about a burger bun that is just painstakingly flawless. The picture of the bun was shared on Twitter by an account called otter_weekend and has gone crazy viral with over 53,000 retweets and around four lakh likes.

“Drop that skincare routine,” reads the caption of the post. True that, because the top of the burger is unblemished and impeccable. The picture features the burger placed neatly in a box.

Well, well. The picture of the burger bun has generated a discussion in the comments section as people discussed about it. Some found it “spooky” while several other ‘skincare specialists’ speculated that the burger bun “applies glycolic acid,” – an ingredient that several skincare products contain.

Another user was of the opinion, “I thought this may have been a big soap before previewing but now I’m hungry.” Several others said that the burger bun’s perfection was attributed to steam.

Okay then, Twitter.

source: indiatoday