Weight Loss Diet: All You Need To Know About ‘5-Bite Diet’ That Claims Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet: All You Need To Know About '5-Bite Diet' That Claims Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet: 5-Bite Diet has become a rage these days

Losing weight is not an easy feat. All those struggling to achieve a fitter body will agree. Mindful eating, exercising, portion control – all these factors lead us to our goal. In today’s fast-paced life, there is little time to hit the gym or curate and prepare special meals for weight loss diets. To the delight of dieters, a new diet has entered the fitness world, promising to shed kilos in a week’s time! The ‘5-bite diet’ also lets you eat whatever you want to and eliminates the need for long, strenuous exercise regime. The fad diet has become a rage these days for its quick results and super easy guidelines. Let’s find out more about the low-calorie 5-bite diet that claims instant outcomes.

What Is 5-Bite Diet?

The 5-bite diet was floated by Dr Alwin Lewis as part of his book ‘Why Weight Around?’ in the year 2007. It is based on the assumption that eating whatever the heart desires but drastically reducing daily food intake and discarding calories completely will lead to quick weight loss.


Weight Loss Diet: 5 bite diet implies eating only 5 bites per meal

How To Follow This Diet?

1. Limit the portion of food to 10-12 regular-sized bites per day. Eat like a person who just underwent gastric bypass surgery to reduce stomach fat. You can reduce your food intake right at the start of the diet or gradually ease into it.

2. Drink black coffee in the morning and skip the breakfast meal.

3. Consume anything for lunch and dinner but eat only 5 bites per meal.

4. Make sure to consume at least two bites in a day of protein-rich foods like eggs, fish, meat, tofu, legumes and dairy products.

5. You can eat one bite of snacks in between the meals capping it to twice a day.

6. You can drink unlimited amount of beverages with no calorie content.

7. High-intensity workouts should be avoided; stick to only low-intensity exercise routine.

8. It is advised to take a multivitamin and omega-3 supplement regularly to prevent any nutritional deficiency.

9. Right after your reach your targeted weight, switch to a more nutrient-rich diet to maintain the weight.

Is The Diet Beneficial?

The 5-bite diet dictates low-calorie consumption, which may really help in losing weight as well as in maintaining optimal cholesterol and blood sugar level. However, the low food intake may cause nutritional deficiency, slow metabolism and pose the danger of regaining weight immediately after the completion of the diet. Experts suggest exercising caution while adopting such diets and better, consult a nutritionist or dietitian and follow the diet under medical supervision only.