Molex connector system for space-constrained networking and telecommunications uses stocked by Heilind

Molex Mirror Mezz 13 Jan 2019

WILMINGTON, Mass. – Electronics distributor Heilind Electronics Inc. in Wilmington, Mass., is stocking the Molex Mirror Mezz connector system for space-constrained servers, networking, and telecommunications equipment — especially for companies adopting OCP hardware.

The connector offers data rates as fast as 56 gigabits per second per differential pair to help lower application costs with stackable mating.

The Molex Mirror Mezz high-speed mezzanine system features a stitched ball grid array (BGA), which reduces lead times and allows for a simplified product matrix.

In addition, an intricately designed terminal structure provides numerous mechanical strengths and cutting-edge electrical features to facilitate high data rates.

A key benefit of these self-mating, hermaphroditic Mirror Mezz connectors for networking uses is their ability to achieve a mated stack height that meets an application’s requirements. This is especially important for engineers facing design-in challenges due to shrinking real estate.

Various combinations of the 2.5- and 5.5-millimeter connectors result in 11-, 8-, or 55-millimeter mated stack heights. Offering a 1-amp maximum current per contact, the connectors carry a maximum voltage of 30 volts AC and feature a dielectric withstanding (hipot) voltage of 500 volts DC.