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Latest ‘Behind the Mac’ videos tells college students to ‘Test the Impossible’

The 38-second spot depicts students in activities like photography, programming, and fashion design, in each case with a MacBook as their companion. A narrator posits that “the rules on what is …


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10 Produce Storage Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Until some of your produce unexpectedly goes bad or just tastes like it, it’s easy to forget about the importance of proper storage. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization …


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Employees! These salary components can reduce your tax

New Delhi: All the working professionals seek to maximise their take-home salary. There are many components in the salary which can help to reduce the tax burden. However, some of the …


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A go-to diet on the go

Working women nowadays barely have time for exercise to maintain fitness. Moreover, if you have a sitting job, then losing weight becomes incredibly challenging. A proper food plan goes a …